Hourly Services and Packages


Hourly services are flexible and based on the individual needs of our clients. There is no standard use for hourly services but we will guide you towards what we recommend based on your profile and where you are in the application process. Hourly services can be used for most of the services included in the comprehensive package as well as other requests that you may have.

Our Policy
Expectations: What We Promise
● 24-48 hour response time from your consultant
● Clear communication as to how your hours will be used. Your consultant will inform you how long he/she estimates the work to take and then will confirm your acceptance before proceeding.
● Direct and honest feedback and recommendations. We will be honest with you if we advise for or against something, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide
● Detailed and thorough comments on your resume, essays, and other application documents

What We Cannot Do
Create Content: We maintain the highest ethical standards and as such we cannot and do not create or author any content for your applications. We are advisors and coaches and will guide you to select and describe the best stories and goals possible, and of course we will also ensure that your writing is clear, concise and correct; but ultimately this application is a reflection of you and as such, you are the author
Final Decisions: Ultimately, your application and all of the decisions that go with it are up to you. We are advisors and coaches but the final decision rests in your hands. We cannot and will not force you to do anything and as such, final responsibility for your application is yours
Deadline Adherence: We cannot hit the submit button on your final application. Meeting the deadlines is up to you. We will guide you and provide as much support as possible to ensure that you meet your deadlines, but ultimately you are responsible for getting everything in on time and in good order
Cancellation Refund Policy: We cannot issue refunds for any hours that have been used. We will refund any unused hours (only complete hours – not partial) minus a $500 administrative fee. Please note that you are responsible for any associated fees, etc.