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Many prospective MBA students wonder whether or not MBA admissions consultants are worth it. It’s undeniable that getting into a top ranked MBA program will set you apart from the competition in the post-graduate world when you’re searching for your dream job. The question is, what do you have to do to get into that program?

Whether it’s the Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Columbia, Wharton, or any other school/program, to gain acceptance requires much more than good grades and scores. The application process can be very difficult without the aid of an MBA admissions consulting firm guiding you through building your profile, identifying strengths and weaknesses, preparing for interviews with the admissions committee, and much more. Our MBA admissions consulting services aim to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed, and our numbers speak for themselves – our clients are admitted to the top 10 MBA programs at a 3x higher rate than the average!

At Vantage Point MBA, our clients partner with us because our process works. Our consultants only work with an average of 4 clients at a time (the lowest ratio in the industry). This is our passion: we personally invest in each person we work with and our firm only works with a limited number of clients each year so that we can give you all of the time, attention, and guidance that you need to be competitive!

We provide comprehensive school packages, amplify hourly packages, and customizable hourly services. Our packages consist of the following:

  • Comprehensive Packages – These packages include everything and as much time as you need to apply to the number of schools you select. Your Vantage Point MBA admissions consultant will walk you through each stage of the process ensuring that you are optimizing your chances of success at each step.
  • Amplify Hourly Packages – We offer 4 different levels of Amplify Hourly Packages, each one designed for people who are seeking support with specific aspects of the application process.
  • The Pre-Pack – This 5-hour package is a great fit for applicants getting a head start on the application process and/or wanting to test drive our services. This package includes a customized application strategy, analysis of profile strengths and weaknesses, identification of what differentiates your profile, along with support for your career goals and story development.
  • The Seed Stage Package – This package is best fit for applicants looking to strategically build up their profiles 1-3 years before applying. This package includes a customized application strategy, quarterly goal-setting & coaching sessions, as well as unlimited access to one of our MBA consultants for Q&A.
  • The Re-Pack – This package is for those who have been rejected by one or more MBA programs and are looking to understand what they could have done differently as they approach a new application year. This includes a review of one school’s rejected application, detailed feedback on the good and the bad (and recommendations for improvement), as well as one Q&A session with one of our MBA consultants.

If you’d like to learn why our team are some of the best MBA admissions consultants in the country, check out our client reviews and schedule a free consultation today!

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Our most popular package! Ideal for applicants looking to supercharge their applications with hands-on coaching at every step of the process.

school packages

Amplify Hourly

Ideal for applicants who are looking for structure and expert guidance in certain high value areas of the application process.

Hourly coaching packages
ranging from 6 to 12 hours


Our entry level service! Ideal for applicants getting a head start on their applications and/or wanting to test drive our services.

5-hour customizable
coaching package

MBA Admissions

Our clients’ scores are at or slightly below the average for the programs they are considering, but their acceptance rates are approximately 3X higher.



Our Proven

Our clients’ scores are at or slightly below the average for the programs they are considering, but their acceptance rates are approximately 3X higher.




Going to Harvard!

Despite only having two years of work experience as an engineer, Shreya was certain it was the right time for her to pursue an MBA. Her consultant helped her hone in on her strengths of adaptability and leadership, an application strategy that proved successful when Shreya was accepted to join the
HBS class of 2021.


Going to MIT Sloan!

With six years of management consulting experience, John knew that he would need to stand out. He worked with his consultant to highlight his unique extracurricular involvement and distinctive leadership style to differentiate him from other applicants. He was admitted to four top 10 schools and has decided to attend Sloan!


Going to Columbia!

After getting rejected from his top choice school, Columbia, the prior year, Matt wasn’t sure if it was worth re-applying, especially after he failed to bring up his 700 GMAT score. His consultant encouraged him to try again. With a great re-applicant essay that focused on “what changed”, Matt was accepted into the CBS class of 2020.


Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Melody Jones, President and Co-Founder of Vantage Point MBA and a 5-star rated MBA admissions consultant with nearly a decade of experience coaching applicants to (and now graduates of) HBS, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Kellogg, Chicago Booth, and other top MBA programs.

My mission is to transform the lives and careers of women and men by enabling their dreams of a top MBA. The process I have created with Vantage Point MBA sets up our clients for success not only in the application process but through and beyond their MBA program.

Building and leading Vantage Point MBA is truly one of the great loves of my life and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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Working with Vantage Point gave me perspective on myself as a candidate and helped me develop my story. My consultant provided the advice I needed to not only gain admission, but receive a full scholarship to a top-tier MBA program.


Katherine - thanks a lot for all the guidance! I really think my acceptance to Wharton would have been impossible without your help.


I can't say enough about my positive experience with Melody. She was to-the-point and always available. I'm happy to note that I received 4 acceptances (of 6 schools applied), with merit scholarships to all! Long story short: Best investment ever!


Melody went above and beyond to help me tell my story in an authentic and compelling way, pushing me to explore my own motivations and aspirations. Ultimately, I was admitted to Columbia! Thank you for everything, Melody!


With the help of Meredith, I was accepted into NYU Stern with a full scholarship for the first year! As I had less than two years of work experience, Meredith helped me identify my strengths and differentiators.


Meredith answered all of my crazy/paranoid questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I had only applied to two schools, Harvard Business School & Wharton, and as a result of my consultant’s thoughtful guidance and feedback, I was fortunate enough to have received admission into both schools.


Meredith coached me very well and we clarified the points and stories I should focus on and what the final messages should be. I look forward to matriculating at Wharton in the fall of 2015!


Melody was a great match for my application to business school. She does not sugar coat any part of the application and provides hands-on assistance that expands well beyond essays. I highly recommend her!


Melody has been a tremendous help throughout my application process and in making my ultimate decision to attend Wharton. She has extensive knowledge on what the top schools are looking for!


Meredith answered all of my questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I am very happy with my results - I’m officially a dual admit at both HBS and Stanford! Meredith pushed me to get the most out of my essays and her interview prep was spot on. I highly recommend Meredith!

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