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Why Work With Us

Well, let’s be honest – the competition is fierce no matter how high your scores or how awesome your career has been to-date. The average selectivity rate is only 18% for the top 10 MBA programs; and the other 82% is generally comprised of highly-qualified candidates too. The numbers work against you, so you really need to stand out.

Why? Great question. The top programs wouldn’t work if each class was comprised solely of those with the highest scores and best resumes – they want dynamic, diverse classes from every function, industry, and region. So, you need to show the adcom what unique role you will play!

So…we are here to make sure that in the face of all of that competition, you know what the schools are looking for and how to best position yourself for success!

Our Process

Our unique and highly-experienced MBA admissions team, comprised of top-tier MBA alumni, former admissions directors, and former interviewers as well as a network of advisers from current MBA students to post-MBA professionals at some of the top companies in the world, will provide you with expert guidance through every step of the application process – from determining whether the MBA is right for you through developing a winning application and eventually evaluating offers.

We will be your coaches, guides, mentors, and sometimes therapists as you go through this long and important process. We encourage you to bounce ideas off of us, brainstorm, and ask what you may think are “silly questions”.  Your application is only as good as the effort you put into it, but we will be there to support you and guide you every step of the way. Since no two applicants are the same, we’re happy to offer a suite of services to accommodate nearly every MBA candidate – no matter your needs, objectives, or budget.


Comprehensive & Hourly Packages

With our Comprehensive Packages, you will be paired with an experienced admissions consultant who has an MBA from a top 10 program and/or has worked in admissions at a top MBA program. Our consultants have years of experience helping candidates craft their stories, identify and address their weaknesses, develop their personal brand strategies, align on a target school list, and edit essays until they’re perfect. Your admissions consultant is with you the whole time, from your initial brainstorm and strategy call to submitting your applications and eventually helping to decide between offers.

With the Comprehensive Package, your dedicated consultant will work with you on every part of the application process including the key steps below. Comprehensive Packages start at $4,500 for one school.

Pricing Per Number of Schools

1 School


2 Schools


3 Schools


4 Schools


5 Schools


The Pre-Pack is perfect for candidates who are early in the admissions process and are just getting started on their MBA journeys (~four months or more before the deadlines). With Vantage Point’s Pre-Pack, you will receive five hours of admissions consulting for the discounted rate of $1,500 – a $15 per hour discount over the normal hourly rate. The Pre-Pack cost can be partially rolled into a Comprehensive Package.

With the Pre-Pack, your consultant will work with you on the preliminary application strategy steps highlighted below.


$1,500 for 5 hours

In today’s hyper-competitive business school environment, being rejected from your top choice school happens to many, many applicants. That’s why Vantage Point offers a reapplication strategy service to help you assess what may have gone wrong and how you can position yourself for success this year.

With the Re-Pack, your experienced admissions consultant will review all of your application materials, provide written feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your application, and then provide specific advice for what to do differently this year. If you decide to re-apply, we will credit a portion of the cost towards any of our comprehensive packages. The Re-Pack costs $500 for one school.


$500 per school

There are a lot of reasons to choose our hourly service. Whether you’re close to the application deadline (within weeks) and can’t benefit from a Comprehensive Package, need help with one particular essay, or just want to have an admissions expert answer some key questions, Vantage Point can help.

Typical hourly engagements will focus on one or several of the different key steps of the MBA application process outlined above such as popular services like:

  • Initial candidacy assessment
  • Resume review
  • Analysis of profile strengths, differentiation, and weaknesses
  • Waitlist strategy
  • Essay strategy and editing

Our hourly services cost $315 / hour with a minimum purchase of two hours.


$315/hour with a minimum purchase of 2 hours

Test your application with a former M7 adcom member! For qualifying applicants who have near-final applications, our team of former admissions committee members will read your application in the same way that he or she read applications as a member of the admissions committee for a top school – and will provide feedback and recommendations accordingly. Through this process, we will simulate the admissions committee experience so that you can receive the perspective of the adcom before the real thing!

The review costs $500 and includes a review by a former admissions committee member, written feedback about your application as well as recommendations for improvement, and an opportunity to ask clarifying questions via email surrounding the feedback that you receive.

Space is very limited for this service and it is only available for those who have near-final application materials including resume, essays, short answer questions (or the entire application PDF if available), gmat score report, transcript, and a list of who your recommenders are (draft recommendations – optional).



The resume is a great place to start your application process. Why? Well, this is where you start to determine how you’ll describe your background in terms that can be read (eg. skimmed) by a broad audience, how you will boil down your key accomplishments and strengths, and it’s often the only document that your interviewers will eventually see. So, although short, the resume is a very important document!

That said, every year we see applicants overlook this essential part of the application. So, we are offering a $200 resume analysis where one of our expert consultants will review your resume line-by-line and provide feedback on content, wording, flow, format, structure and overall advice for how to make your resume competitive (you can ask our clients – we aren’t shy about using the proverbial red pen if it’ll help your apps!).




Working with Vantage Point gave me perspective on myself as a candidate and helped me develop my story. My consultant provided the advice I needed to not only gain admission, but receive a full scholarship to a top-tier MBA program.


Katherine - thanks a lot for all the guidance! I really think my acceptance to Wharton would have been impossible without your help.


I can't say enough about my positive experience with Melody. She was to-the-point and always available. I'm happy to note that I received 4 acceptances (of 6 schools applied), with merit scholarships to all! Long story short: Best investment ever!


Melody went above and beyond to help me tell my story in an authentic and compelling way, pushing me to explore my own motivations and aspirations. Ultimately, I was admitted to Columbia! Thank you for everything, Melody!


With the help of Meredith, I was accepted into NYU Stern with a full scholarship for the first year! As I had less than two years of work experience, Meredith helped me identify my strengths and differentiators.


Meredith answered all of my crazy/paranoid questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I had only applied to two schools, Harvard Business School & Wharton, and as a result of my consultant’s thoughtful guidance and feedback, I was fortunate enough to have received admission into both schools.


Meredith coached me very well and we clarified the points and stories I should focus on and what the final messages should be. I look forward to matriculating at Wharton in the fall of 2015!


Melody was a great match for my application to business school. She does not sugar coat any part of the application and provides hands-on assistance that expands well beyond essays. I highly recommend her!


Melody has been a tremendous help throughout my application process and in making my ultimate decision to attend Wharton. She has extensive knowledge on what the top schools are looking for!


Meredith answered all of my questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I am very happy with my results - I’m officially a dual admit at both HBS and Stanford! Meredith pushed me to get the most out of my essays and her interview prep was spot on. I highly recommend Meredith!

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