Services and Pricing

$ 7,900
Starting At

Best fit for applicants looking for hands-on coaching throughout the entire application process.

  • Story ideation and development
  • Essay strategy and editing (unlimited)
  • Trial run of your application by a
    former admissions director from a top 10 program
Amplify Hourly
$ 2,945
Starting At

Best fit for applicants who are looking for structure and support in certain high value areas.

  • 4 structured packages ranging from 6 hours to 12 hours
  • Amplify your own work or your support system through your company or network
Pre Pack
$ 2,625
For 5 Hours

Best fit for applicants getting a head start on the application process and/or wanting to test drive our services.

  • Customized application strategy
  • Analysis of profile strengths,
    differentiation and weaknesses
  • Career goals and story development
  • Full price can be rolled into the cost of any Comprehensive Package at any time
The Seed Stage
$ 2,000
Per Year

Best fit for applicants looking to strategically build up their profiles 1-3 years before applying.

  • Customized application strategy
  • Quarterly goal-setting &
    coaching sessions
  • Unlimited access to consultant for Q&A
$ 695
Minimum of 2 hours

Best fit for applicants who have been rejected by one or more MBA programs and are looking to understand what they could have done differently.

  • Review of one school’s rejected application
  • Detailed feedback on the good and the bad & recommendations for improvement
  • One phone Q&A session with consultant

MBA Admissions Consulting Services


Why Seek MBA Admissions Consulting Services

Many future applicants wonder whether or not they need MBA admissions consulting services to get into their dream program, and they also wonder if they’re actually worth it. The best way to answer those questions is to look within yourself and ask yourself whether your profile is truly optimized for the top business schools in the country like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wharton, and others; and how much is it worth to you and your future to get into one of those programs? Those are questions we can’t answer for you, but we can tell you what you would get out of MBA admissions consulting services.

The best MBA admissions consultants will have both the hard skills (essay editing, mock interviewing, etc.), and the soft skills (objective, practical, honest, and a team player) to help you set realistic goals and optimize your profile for those opportunities. Even when there are weaknesses in your profile, your Vantage Point MBA consultant  will be honest with you and transparent about your options (i.e. retake the GMAT, put in more volunteer hours, etc.). This is something that applicants tend to lean on family, friends or coworkers for, yet this can create blindspots as they may not have the technical know-how or objectivity needed to help a candidate identify both their strengths and weaknesses and know how they stack up against the competition. Having an MBA admissions consultant will ultimately save you from wasting time and experiencing many headaches throughout the application process while also positioning you to put your best foot forward and succeed to the highest of your potential.

Our MBA Consulting Services

Some of our MBA admissions consulting services include:

  • Strategizing and creating an structured timeline and plan for your mba application process
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses relative to other applicants and what the schools are looking for
  • Developing and refining your career goals  so that you’re able to easily identify the top mba programs for you desired path and present a clear vision to the admissions committee
  • Strategizing and editing your essays to ensure that you’re telling your story in the best possible way
  • Preparing your recommenders so that they can provide thoughtful and effective recommendations to enhance your application strategy
  • Simulating and preparing for interviews with admissions officers

To see a full list of what our packages include, please review our packages above.

Why Vantage Point MBA:  We are obsessed with your success

Throughout our many years of experience as full-time MBA admissions consultants, we’ve played an active role in our clients’ efforts to get into the top MBA programs by working with people we believe in and challenging them to be the best version of themselves in order to be successful through the process. This requires being transparent, direct and responsive as we partner with our clients to make their applications come to life. We help them understand their individual strengths and weaknesses so they know exactly where they stand, and so they can highlight their attributes while simultaneously mitigating areas for improvement. Our promise to you is that we will be more than a mere consultant; we will be your partner and personal MBA coach. We invest in each client we work with and nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed! We’ve proudly helped many people over the years gain admission to the top MBA programs and have watched them catapult their careers to new highs. And we look forward to doing the same for you!  

If you’d like to get started with us through a free MBA consultation, contact us today!


While your primary MBA admissions consultant will guide you through the entire MBA application process, brainstorming with you at each stage, we recognize the value in also providing you with additional perspectives on your application, story, and goals. Everyone you meet throughout this process will be invested in your success.

Our Results

Well, let’s be honest – the competition is fierce for MBA admissions no matter how high your scores are or how awesome your career has been to-date. The average selectivity rate is only 16% for the top 10 MBA programs; and the other 84% is generally comprised of highly-qualified candidates too. The numbers are tough, so you really need to stand out.

That’s where we come in! We will be your coaches, guides, mentors, and sometimes therapists as you go through the long and important MBA application process. We will push and challenge you to think critically about your strengths, weaknesses, visions, goals, and opportunities by asking tough questions and providing candid feedback. In return, we encourage you to bounce ideas off of us, brainstorm, and ask what you may think are “silly questions”.  

Our process works and the numbers show it. Our clients are admitted to the top MBA programs at a 3x higher rate than the average acceptance rates. Your application is only as good as the effort you put into it, but we will be there to support you and guide you every step of the way. Let’s get started!




Working with Vantage Point gave me perspective on myself as a candidate and helped me develop my story. My consultant provided the advice I needed to not only gain admission, but receive a full scholarship to a top-tier MBA program.


Katherine - thanks a lot for all the guidance! I really think my acceptance to Wharton would have been impossible without your help.


I can't say enough about my positive experience with Melody. She was to-the-point and always available. I'm happy to note that I received 4 acceptances (of 6 schools applied), with merit scholarships to all! Long story short: Best investment ever!


Melody went above and beyond to help me tell my story in an authentic and compelling way, pushing me to explore my own motivations and aspirations. Ultimately, I was admitted to Columbia! Thank you for everything, Melody!


With the help of Meredith, I was accepted into NYU Stern with a full scholarship for the first year! As I had less than two years of work experience, Meredith helped me identify my strengths and differentiators.


Meredith answered all of my crazy/paranoid questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I had only applied to two schools, Harvard Business School & Wharton, and as a result of my consultant’s thoughtful guidance and feedback, I was fortunate enough to have received admission into both schools.


Meredith coached me very well and we clarified the points and stories I should focus on and what the final messages should be. I look forward to matriculating at Wharton in the fall of 2015!


Melody was a great match for my application to business school. She does not sugar coat any part of the application and provides hands-on assistance that expands well beyond essays. I highly recommend her!


Melody has been a tremendous help throughout my application process and in making my ultimate decision to attend Wharton. She has extensive knowledge on what the top schools are looking for!


Meredith answered all of my questions promptly and prepared me incredibly well for my interview. I highly recommend using her! I don’t know that I’d be starting at HBS in the fall without her.


I am very happy with my results - I’m officially a dual admit at both HBS and Stanford! Meredith pushed me to get the most out of my essays and her interview prep was spot on. I highly recommend Meredith!

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