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Many of us used consultants ourselves when we were applying. We understand what questions you may have and will ensure that you know exactly what to expect with us.


No matter where you are in your MBA application journey, we'll help you develop a strategy that sets you apart. (Differentiation is key, so why would you try to fit into a template?!)

Highly Personalized

Consider us your on-call advisors throughout the process. Our “do what it takes” mentality is ingrained in everything we do. We view your success as our success!

Our Guarantee

We work with clients whom we believe in - and we believe in our process. Our consultants are incentivized to help you get into the very best schools possible but if it doesn't work out, we will refund 25% on a four school package or greater. We offer this because we are quite sure you won’t need it!

360° Perspective

The only firm that offers 360° advice from the key perspectives that matter: experienced consultants with top 10 MBAs, former M7 admissions directors, and a network of advisers including current MBA students and post-MBA professionals.


Our team has deep experience coaching candidates from diverse backgrounds and with varying school and program goals. With a team comprised exclusively of consultants who are either former admissions directors from the top MBA programs and/or graduates of the top MBA programs, we know the process from all angles.

Why we Founded Vantage Point

Let’s face it, there are a lot of MBA admissions consulting firms out there. As an applicant to a top MBA program who is trying to figure out the differences between all of those firms can be a bit overwhelming. Do you go with the big guys, the small guys, the company selling you GMAT services, the one that can also help with your law school application, the consultant your friend used, or someone else? We get it. We’ve been in your shoes. Most of us worked with admissions consultants when we were applying to business school.

Vantage Point MBA was founded to be different and to disrupt. When we started the company, we deliberately wanted to start small and build our business slowly and thoughtfully by building a truly best-in-class team of talented MBA admissions consultants who are passionate about mentoring applicants and providing high quality training, resources and support for our team so they can deliver superior results for our clients. We vowed to be the most personalized and dedicated team of consultants available; and our internal mantra is to treat every client like a family member or friend who is reaching out to us for trustworthy guidance. For this reason, we don’t have a sales team – every person you speak with at our firm is either a graduate of a top MBA program or a former admissions director. And since we offer only a limited number of client spots, we are selective in choosing clients to work with only when we believe that we can add value to their applications.

Over the last few years, we’re proud that our approach and team culture has led to great results for our clients, and our alumni network is deep across all of the top MBA programs. For our consultants, this isn’t just a job. We take this personally: your success is our success and just as we would go over and above for a family member or friend, we will go over and above for you as a Vantage Point MBA client.

If you’re in the market for an MBA admissions consultant, let’s talk and see if there’s a fit.

Your Dedicated Team
Focused on Your Success

While your primary MBA admissions consultant will guide you through the entire process, brainstorming with you at each stage, we recognize the value in also providing you with additional perspectives on your application, story, and goals.

For that reason, our comprehensive clients can “test run” their applications with a former top 10 adcom member who will provide a review and feedback like he or she did as part of an actual admissions committee. In addition, we will also pair you with a post-MBA professional who has pursued the career path you are considering be it Wharton to McKinsey, Kellogg to Google, and any variety of combinations in between. This discussion will enable you to float your application story (eg. why MBA, goals, etc.) by someone who has actually done what you are planning to do.

We also maintain relationships with our former clients who are currently students at the top schools and will be providing insights real-time to our current clients. Our former clients know exactly what it feels like to be in your shoes and can provide advice on the school’s focus, culture, new offerings, and nuances that are harder to determine from simply reading the websites.


Working with Vantage Point gave me perspective on myself as a candidate and helped me develop my story. My consultant provided the advice I needed to not only gain admission, but receive a full scholarship to a top-tier MBA program.


Katherine - thanks a lot for all the guidance! I really think my acceptance to Wharton would have been impossible without your help.


I can't say enough about my positive experience with Melody. She was to-the-point and always available. I'm happy to note that I received 4 acceptances (of 6 schools applied), with merit scholarships to all! Long story short: Best investment ever!

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