HBS is Due in Less Than Two Weeks

For those Round One MBA applicants out there, if you haven’t had the “oh sh#t” moment yet, then you’re probably not paying attention.

Harvard Business School applications are due in two weeks. Starting with HBS on 9/5, round one applicants face a crazy couple of weeks as they finalize their applications and make last minute changes before the application deadlines.  The team at Vantage Point MBA is here to help. Here is our seven step process to maximize the last few weeks before applications are due:

  1. Set calendar reminders for each of your target schools. We get it. This sounds dumb. Please do it anyways.  Each year we hear from applicants who despite spending months fine tuning their essays still manage to miss the deadlines. In some cases this is due to time zone differences, and in others, due to stressful periods at work.  You have worked really hard to get to this point, if you can get your applications out for Round One, then do it.
  2. Check in with your recommenders.  While some schools will be lenient around recommenders missing their delivery dates, it’s best not to jinx it.  Reach out to your recommenders as early as possible to ensure that they are on track (if you haven’t already, make sure that you give them talking points and/or explain your story to them ahead of time), and ask them to give you a heads up when the recs are submitted.  Finally, once the recs are on their way, thank them. Take them out to dinner, grab a drink, send flowers… whatever’s appropriate, but remember that recommenders have put in a lot of work… on your behalf.
  3. Take a couple of days off.  Seriously, just do it.  You have been synthesizing your life’s goals and accomplishments for weeks now, if not longer.  Not only do you deserve a break, but taking some time off from your apps will allow you to come back with a clear head and a fresh perspective.
  4. Get a second set of eyes.  If your essays are “pretty close to done,” then it’s time to get some feedback from a friend or colleague that you trust.  Find a few people who you trust to provide you with candid feedback, and when they’re done reading your essays ask them what the main takeaways are.  If they’re takeaways don’t line up with what you think is in the essays, then it’s time to tweak and edit.
  5. Read your essays out loud.  You probably want to clear out your apartment for this, but take a few minutes and read your essays out loud to yourself.  After looking at a screen for hours on end, this is a great exercise to catch any typos and make sure that the essays flow and are readable.
  6. Work through your checklist. In addition to checking in with your recommenders, make sure that your transcripts, GMAT scores and any other materials are ready to go, or have already been submitted to your schools. Again, some adcoms might be lenient on this type of stuff, but don’t risk it.
  7. Take a bow.  You’re about to go hit “submit” and start your MBA journey. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment, and making one of the most important investments that you can – in yourself.  Business school is an awesome experience and you’re going to learn a ton. Come what may on decision day, you’ve given it your all, and you deserve to be proud of that.

As always, we’re here to help however we can. While we sold out for Round One opportunities a while ago, we have a handful of Round Two slots left.  

Round One Application Dates:

Columbia: Rolling

Harvard: 9/5

Yale: 9/12

London Business School: 9/14

Wharton: 9/18

Stanford: 9/18

Insead: 9/19

Kellogg: 9/19

Tuck: 9/24

Chicago Booth): 9/27

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