How is Your Columbia Application Going?

Now that Columbia’s essay topics are out, we know that many of you have already gotten started! Below, we listed a few tidbits about Columbia to keep in mind as you are developing your story and rationale for “why Columbia”.

Even if Columbia isn’t on your list, we recommend that you take a look at the Columbia essay prompts anyway, as they may be thought-provoking while you are working through your stories for other schools who haven’t released topics yet. Stating the obvious, the earlier you start thinking about your story and goals, the better, as it’s a highly-iterative process.

Things You Should Know About Columbia

Applying early matters – with its rolling admissions process, we’ve seen that candidates who apply earlier (well before the deadline) are more successful. So don’t procrastinate this one!

Not just a finance school

Although its location in New York City inherently attracts a large number of applicants pursuing careers in finance, and CBS undoubtedly offers a highly-specialized finance education, it also offers a wide variety of courses across all business subjects taught by world-renowned faculty. Do a little research on the program’s website to learn more about popular classes such as Napoleon’s Glance and Personal Leadership – you may be surprised by how flexible the program is.

All about the NYC location

CBS is very proud of its NYC location and recognizes it as one of the key draws for thousands of applicants every year. However, in order to truly be happy at Columbia, you must love big city living and all that it entails. If you’ve never spent any time in New York before, plan a visit to campus this summer to see what it’s really all about. And because the January-term is in session over the summer, you may even be able to schedule a class visit.

Tight-knit community

One thing you won’t have to sacrifice by embracing New York City living is a sense of community. Contrary to what you might expect, CBS offers a tight-knit community for those who want it. Uris Hall serves as an oasis of sorts from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, with so many social and professional activities / events planned every day that you’ll have to quickly learn how to prioritize your time and say “no”. Many students who lived in New York before starting at Columbia actually joke that they haven’t seen their “non-Columbia” friends since orientation. Of course, you get out what you put in – if you don’t get involved on campus, then you won’t get the reward of those connections and friendships with your classmates.

Consider early decision

If Columbia is your #1 choice, and you have the benefit of starting your application early, Columbia’s early decision option could be a good one for you. The upside is that you find out your admission decision much sooner than you would from other schools. So hopefully, you have good news to celebrate before the holidays and can start planning your transition back into student life. And if the outcome is not favorable, you still have time to consider a plan B in the same application season. However, the catch is that it’s binding, meaning that if you’re admitted through the early decision process, you must enroll. It’s ultimately a personal decision whether or not this path is right for you but it’s worth looking into.

Show CBS the love!

In your applications, don’t be shy about telling Columbia all of the reasons why it’s your dream school. CBS really loves to be loved (who doesn’t?!), and candidates who truly show their commitment to the school have an opportunity to differentiate themselves (caveat: as long as it’s authentic and makes sense given your application story). Columbia cares about its matriculation rate, so if it’s your #1 choice, say so.

As always, reach out to us for a free consultation if you want guidance on how to start!

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