Know Your Customer: Meet the MBA Admissions Committee

Hope everyone’s MBA applications are off to a fantastic start!

Whether you’re in marketing now or aspire to take that first marketing class in business school, you probably already know the value of understanding your customer or target audience. So, to help as you move into the essay-writing phase, we’ve gathered information on a sample set of M7 adcom members to give you a picture of “who” might be ultimately reading your applications. And as a reminder, by “reading”, we mean “skimming”. A former Columbia adcom reiterated to us just last week that the average amount of time spent on each application is ~20-30 minutes per reader (eg. x2). That means you get two chances (at some schools) for the person reading your application to connect with what you have to say while only skimming the highlights. Consider this as well as the profile of the typical adcom member when considering how to describe your experiences and goals. Happy writing!

As always, contact us with any questions. We work with applicants like you to ensure that your application is geared towards your target audience and highlights your strengths and unique potential contributions!


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